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On the move again

In mid-October, we moved AGAIN. I left my last employer and moved to Houston, TX. We had a reservation for a park in Richmond, TX on the south end of the Houston metro, but when I called to confirm on the way up here, they informed me that the park did NOT allow children in the park.

Obviously, with 7 children that wasn’t going to work. I stopped in a parking lot and called a couple other parks who either told me the same No-Children-Allowed policy or would GLADLY accept my children for a small fee of $10 per day per child. That’s $300/month * 7 = $2,100 + their standard fees for the two of us adults & RV!

That wasn’t going to work. There are A LOT of parks in Houston, but it was going too slow and already after hours to call every one of them. I called Good Sam’s Club. The rep looked at his list and said the only park he could tell that was “kid friendly” was Lakeview RV Resort since it had a playground. I called them up, and they gave me no issues for bringing children with me: no extra charges, no restrictions, no limitations. Only a warning: if they got out of line, they’d have to leave the park along with me. Very Fair.

We’ve been here over 2 weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed the time. The outdoor pool was cool when we got here for summer but is now heated for winter. The only “issue” was with the little kids in the exercise room. We were reminded of their “strict policies” and took care of it ourselves.

Lakeview RV Resort is a fenced / gated community which increases the security of the park and prevents passers-by. It has a large catch & release private lake in the middle of the park if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s largely composed of cancer patients because of its proximity to MD Anderson Cancer Center. It’s also just a few miles from Reliant Stadium where the Houston Texans play NFL football, less than 1 hour away from Galveston Island and NASA Space Center. This is a great park for vacationing families like us and people just looking to get away from it all. Being quiet and secure, it was quite pleasant of an evening to get out and meet the neighbors, discuss RVing, and other aspects of life in the park.Our kids loves all the dogs out for their evening walks. Happy children seemed to really bring life to the eyes and hearts of the sick people here. Their own families are often far away. Joy in their dying days might even do them more good than all the radiation treatments and drugs given them by their doctor.

Our planned stay was for one month. In less than 2 weeks we’ll be moving on to either a park in Magnolia, TX or Dickinson, North Dakota. Even if we didn’t have the RV we’d be moving, but with the trailer it makes a lot simpler, cheaper, and more comfortable.

Next up, our future plans and how we keep it all organized.


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