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New House Plans!

For the past 4 months, we’ve been living in a hotel in Odessa, TX. (New job. New city. More money.) After Longview, TX, we moved to Chattanooga, TN. (Good people, but no money.) We wore that FEMA trailer out. It lasted us a full year, but it was done.

Shortly after we arrived in Odessa, we found land for sale in Kermit, TX. I bought it. I’m in the process of buying the neighboring lots as well. When I’m done, the final lot size will be 150′ x 112′. We’re currently working on a house construction plan that we can build in a phased plan to keep the costs manageable on a monthly basis.

I’ve got a diagram of the final design that I’ve written up in MS-Paint that I’ll post shortly. Look for it. It’s styled after an old Chinese house with shipping containers around a central courtyard and all access to the rooms from the outside. Winters are short here in West Texas and rain is rare.

At the back of the house is a place for my container RV. I still haven’t bought the tractor, drop-desk 53′ flatbed trailer, or the container to put on it, but now that we got the land, it’ll be a lot easier to build it.


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