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House Overview

Container House Plan

As requested, here’s the plan for the container house in Kermit, TX. (North is to the right). As you can see in the pic, the house is a large U-shaped row of containers with the garage at the bottom. Outside the house is a xeriscape garden.   On the south side is a large area of colored rocks in the design of the Texas flag. I’m not from Texas, but I’m making it my home.

If you want any more details, let me know. I’m doing all kinds of extensive paperwork and design work. Costs so far:

Lot #1 (South half of house): $800 (50×112)

Lot #2 (driveway area): $350 (50×30)

Demolition Permit: $100 for 90 days. (OLD house on Lot #2)

Demolition Tools: $300


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