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Much Progress

Sorry for not updating this lately. As I mentioned in the last post, I’ve bought 4 adjacent lots in Kermit, TX: 100’x112′ total. I had a survey done which required the property plan to change slightly. The garage got moved to the North (right) side of the house, and the entire house got moved back and right.  The final plan and the phases of the containers are images above.

One of the junk houses we bought has been demolished.  An electric pole has been erected w D&M Electric of Kermit doing the majority of the electrical work. It’s visible in the pic of the demolished house. The other house is still up (for now).

The house is staked out on the property. The first 4 foundation piers for the second phase of the construction are built and finished with concrete. (I’ll go into detail of how I built them later.) The first container has arrived! This next Mon, Tue, Wed will be momentous as I will be cutting the doors, windows, & vent ports from the container as well as prepping the piers for the container to get craned in place. (Step-by-step photos to follow.)


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