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June Progress

Wanted to give a general update on what’s happened this month. The posts are below for more details & pix, but here’s the extent of the progress:

1) We started the month off w just 2 doors cut into the container as it rested on the ground. We got the crane to lift it into place on the piers & cut 3 windows (1 per room on courtyard side) & 6 vent ports (2 per room on outside) into the container as well.

2) We dug a 2′ deep trench from the electric pole along the inside to the RV pad on the outside for the power pole. D&M was contacted to install electric line & is aware of other runs he could, at the same time, ‘stub out’ to prepare for later phases.

3) Contacted city hall about water & sewer but was told that we needed a ‘new construction’ address. The new address is 205 N Hickory St, Kermit. Once that has gone through the system, it’ll be updated in all the databases for utilities, 9-1-1, etc. The power companies have been asking funny questions since they didn’t have the ‘proper’ address in their computer. The old addresses were deemed as ‘condemned’ & the new address wasn’t available yet. Hopefully, that’ll get that confusion fixed & I can get power running to the pole.

4) The biggest issue has been: time, money, & electrical power. Time hasn’t been with us considering everything else that needed to be done on my scant time off. Money is short w everything else that needed to be paid including lawyer, living expenses for the wife & 8 kids, & property taxes. Electrical power is finally about to be online as I described above. Thus I’ll be able to trim the plywood, clean the cut edges w a grinder, etc.


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