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Water & Prep for Stucco

For some important stuff done this weekend. W the new address now official, I paid the bill on getting the water tap.
Permit: $70
3/4″ Tap: $300
Deposit for water service: $50
Total: $420
Even better, they said it’d be done by Friday. So next weekend, hopefully the backhoe can be there to dig the 5′ deep, 3′ wide ditch we need to lay both the water & sewer line to the RV & two containers. Kid’s container will be added in Phase 4, but we can stub out the water & electric now.

Further, I bought a bunch of 36″ stakes & drove them into the dirt at the edge of the back of the container & one end to prep for stucco. As soon as I get the doors & windows framed, but before they’re installed, we need to add the stucco on the outside. There’s a good video on YouTube of a container that was stuccoed & ended up smooth on the outside w artistic touches. We’re not going artsy but ‘smooth’ & uncorrugated is good enough.

With the roof already planned to be done in 3 parts (deck, house, garage), I can stucco the roof at the proper angle then join the deck & garage into it later. The majority of sites suggest spraying the stucco for some good reasons: speed & consistency. The main issue I have is the speed issue. If I had an experienced crew to help, it’d be different but w 2 of my kids helping, I’m not sure I trust them to be consistent in producing enough stucco fast enough. More than likely, I’ll need to go slower in order to make the batch, spray it on, i& let them do the troweling. A good crew could possibly do all four sides & roof in one day w enough supplies. That’s my other issue: how much total cement, lime, etc. am I going to need for each side. 11’6″ x 40′ almost unbroken for the back wall is going to take quite a lot of raw materials. As u can see in the pic below, I built some simple wooden stairs also.




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