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Yard Cleanup

It may not have been clear in the photos in the last post, but we’ve been clearing out the property as well. When I started working the property last winter, there was no vegetation anywhere except some trees next to the houses. When spring hit, the entire property popped out in sagebrush, sand spurs, & other scrub plants that are almost wholly unwanted. Further, the years of neglect have allowed the neighborhood to toss trash such as beer bottles on the property. It’s a bit of a mess. Obviously, leather boots are a necessity to walk around on the property to protect the feet from plants & glass, but I’d rather work the land so that the entire property can be walked barefoot.

For the time being, the process involves raking the dead plants & big glass together for disposal. As the containers go into place, the process gets more focused & easier. Since we’re going to working on the sewer & water in the area of the garage / driveway, we’ll be focusing our next effort there to pull out the sagebrush & eliminate the glass. (Found an old Coke bottle w the Monahans, TX stamp. Sold it for $10!)

When the water, sewer, & electric is in, we’ll be moving onto the property w our RV for full-time living & to speed construction. Cleaning it up is important because of the little kids that will soon be running around. It’s not going to be kid-friendly for a while, but it will be educational.


One response

  1. Matt

    Educational! Reminds me of finding a thistle while walking barefooted, Ouch! Yes, educational. It teaches you to appreciate shoes.

    July 20, 2012 at 4:45 pm

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