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2 Water Taps & Sewer Taps Pre-Existing!

Just got off the phone w the Kermit Water Dept. The two houses on the property that are / will be demolished still have active water & sewer taps! I was told that their lines were cut, but they weren’t.

Both water taps are certified @ 15 gpm which could be accessed w two meters & tied together for a combined 30 gpm into my house or left separate for independent water connections on each half of the house. Thus a problem on the north side would not necessarily affect the south side & vice versa.

The existing sewer taps are also usable but only on the 2nd half of the house as it expands south because of the way the sewer line has to angle. I’ll talk to the plumber about the possibility of using it now. Lots of savings!

Since I already paid for the water tap, I get $320 back. That will go toward either the plumber or electrician. Yeah!


One response

  1. Matt

    That’s a reason to celebrate. Congrats on the savings!

    July 27, 2012 at 8:37 pm

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