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Contractor Issues

The month of August was a wash. I’ve spent all month piddling w working around the property because I’ve gone as far as I can without water, sewer, or electricity. My electrical contractor was either on vacation or on other projects. TX-NMPower couldn’t give me a straight answer on power turn-on process. Finally I got them to assign me an ESI number, gave it to the retailer, & should have electricity to the main box by the 17th of Sep (cross fingers). The contractor will drop me a power outlet to plug in power tools so work can continue, but I’m not sure when he’ll actually install the RV power panel.

Texas One-Call for utility digs has not revealed anything. Gas line is not “in danger” so they didn’t mark anything. Water & sewer is in the alley & already marked back when we were talking about a new tap. Phone is the only thing left. They should get their stuff marked by Monday night or it’ll get cut w trencher next weekend. Scheduling the water plumbing install is another matter entirely. Sewer would still need a cold tap done by master plumber, but at least the trunk trench is dug.20120909-093249.jpg20120909-093437.jpg


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