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Backhoe & Power

Sorry it’s been so long since the last post.
1) Hired a backhoe & operator for $85/hr which dug a nice water/sewer ditch for my main line on the outside perimeter of the house. It’s only on the north side for now. (see pic)

2) He also cleared out a bunch of weeds, leveled some of the sand, & moved the stairs from the font of one house to the side entrances of my new house. (see pic)

3) Electricity finally got turned on last weekend, & contractor installed an outlet for me to connect my power tools to. Awesome! Laid down the plastic vapor barrier & cut & screwed in all the plywood for subfloor. Now I can start building the 2×4 stud walls on the inside & trim the windows & doors! Lots of progress FAST!





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