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Work on the house has reached a temporary standstill. I have the parts I need to weld together, but my neighbors’ welders are only available on their schedule & a limited time basis. The solution is obviously to buy my own welder. A Lincoln-Electric stick welder is easily bought ($300) + helmet ($100) + misc accessories ($150).

Problem is that I don’t have the 220v outlet or the RV pedestal that I have been trying to get my electrician to install for months. All on his schedule & I seem to be at the bottom of the list.

The plumbing is coming up short as well. Backhoe dug the main ditch, but I still need a certified plumber to connect the sewer line & connect the water taps. The ditch will likely end up going all around the house & connect on both ends to the two existing taps. Plumbers are asking $5,000 for the whole project: 1/2 up front & 1/2 on completion. When I ask about portions & segments of the project, they still want large minimums. Their simple question is: “When do u get your mortgage money?”


If that’s not the worst part, day job is yanking me around & jobs are slower & farther between: smaller paychecks. We aren’t starving, but it’s not enough to seriously move forward. New job? Has potential problems w other personal issues. Grass may look greener but isn’t.

Bought a used pickup truck ($500). Transmission went out on it 3 days later! It’s sitting at work & has potential for use as a locker for work stuff. Instead of big V8 van, I can get a motorcycle to run back & forth to work (60 miles one-way) & save a bunch of money on gas.

Van has issues but hopefully the bike will get me through & let the van rest until I can find a replacement for it, either another big van or a small bus.

The cheapest decent bike I can find is $1500, but a newer bike that I found locally is $3600. Credit union in Kermit is willing to work w me on loan for $3600 bike & help rebuild my non-existent credit. A reasonable $800 down & <$250/mo for 12 months. Awesome. W a current fuel bill of $125/wk in my van that's chump change. New job might affect the loan approval also. 1 year on the job counts for something.

Decisions. Decisions.